Industry Portal

Welcome to Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival’s Industry Portal.

Every year, Cinéfest Sudbury welcomes film industry professionals to take part in various activities with other industry professionals, students and cinephiles alike. Cinéfest’s industry activities help participants network, gain exposure and build the regional film industry.

In 2010, Cinéfest Sudbury introduced Cinema Summit for emerging film talent and media arts students, a free of charge presentation, exchange and development series that runs concurrently with the Festival. Contained within the larger structure of the film festival, Cinema Summit is devoted to the celebration, promotion and advancement of Canada’s new and emerging filmmaking talent. Cinema Summit provides a forum to nurture the next generation of Canadian filmmakers; an occasion where artists can come together to showcase their works, as well as meet colleagues, audiences, and industry insiders, in order to share ideas and information in a relaxed atmosphere. 

For film industry professionals wishing to attend, please view Accreditation applications to the right. You will be contacted directly if you application is confirmed.

We hope you enjoy your stay.