Ticket Information


Please note that all tickets include HST and can be purchased online at cinefest.com, at the Cinefest Sudbury Box Office (40 Larch Street, Unit 103), or at SilverCity Sudbury during the week of the Festival (September 18-26). 


  • Each single in-theatre ticket is specific to its respective film screening at SilverCity;

  • Seating will be limited due to safety precautions and social distancing measures;

  • Film and seating selections must be made at the time of purchase for all single ticket in-theatre orders;

  • Single in-theatre tickets DO NOT grant access to virtual online screenings;

  • Single in-theatre tickets grant access to this year’s gala presentations;

    • In-theatre tickets purchased online can be printed at home or scanned from your phone.


  • Each virtual ticket is specific to its respective online film screening at cinefest.com;

  • Virtual tickets DO NOT grant access to in-theatre screenings.

HYBRID 10-PACK: $100.00 EACH 

    • Each of the 10 tickets purchased as part of the Hybrid 10-Pack can act as a single in-theatre ticket OR a single virtual ticket, with the rules as they apply above;

    • Hybrid 10-Pack holders are encouraged to pre-order their film screenings for individual films ahead of time, due to limited viewing capacity online and limited/reserved seating in-theatre, due to safety precautions and social distancing measures;

    • Single tickets reserved with a Hybrid 10-Pack DO NOT grant access to both the in-theatre AND virtual screening of the selected film.


Tickets for both in-theatre and virtual events will be available to purchase through our online ticketing platform at cinefest.com.


Tickets for both in-theatre and virtual events will be available to purchase at the Cinefest Sudbury Box Office both in-person or over the phone. 

Office Location: 40 Larch Street, Unit 103 in Sudbury 

Phone Number: 705-688-1234 

Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM 

Please note that we accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Cash, and Gift Certificates when purchasing at the Cinefest Sudbury Box Office, and that we only accept Visa and Mastercard when purchasing over the phone.