Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival is incorporated in Canada as a non-profit charitable organization. Guided by an 11 member volunteer Board, whose mandate is to organize and promote an annual festival of highly acclaimed Canadian and world films, as well as encourage film culture, education, and production in Northern Ontario.

Cinéfest Sudbury continues to fulfill the following objectives as part of its original mandate:

1. To organize, promote and carry out an annual festival of nationally and internationally significant films, associated with educational and informative seminars and lectures for the enhancement of the cultural and artistic life in the City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario;

2. To promote and assist in the distribution of Canadian and international films throughout Northern Ontario to enhance the cultural and artistic life of Northern Ontario communities;

3. To encourage filmmaking in Northern Ontario through efforts generated by the festival.

The objectives for which the corporation is incorporated are:

1. To educate and increase the public's awareness of the aesthetic arts, and their importance to improving the human condition;

2. To educate the public about, and to promote a greater understanding and harmony between nations, races and religion; by presenting a film festival or festivals in Sudbury and assisting or encouraging the distribution or production in Northern Ontario of nationally and internationally significant films; and by providing presentations, seminars, and lectures in relation to film, and other artistic mediums of audio or visual communications; the aforesaid public activities being made as accessible as possible to the public, while ensuring sustainability of the corporation.